Backroads and byways of NJ and NY

I’ve been driving for the last two Saturdays on the back roads and byways of New Jersey and New York. Started from Long pond Ironworks State Park in the town of Hewitt, NJ for which I took 287 N from Edison then took exit 55, to get on to Country Road 511 and then on to West Brook Road all the way to the State Park. I did not enter the state park tho, weather was lovely and it was pretty cold so Instead I opened the sunroof of my car, switched off the AC and switched on the iPod :-). It was a beautiful two lane narrow road along the Wanaque Reservoir with the dried up foliage and falling leaves on the other side. I could not take much photographs there because the entire lake was fenced and there was no way to enter. So from there I decided to head towards the 7 Lakes Drive. To get there I got on to Greenwood Lake Turnpike and took a beautiful road leading to Lake Sebago. From there drove all the way to Lake Tiorati and then carried on to Silver Mine Lake. From the circle then I took the historic US 6 west and joined on to 293 and all the way round Via Bear Mt  ( US 9)  to get on to Garden State Parkway and Back.
It was a beautiful drive and made me realize how fortunate I am to see so many beautiful places and there is a whole planet to explore. This is just the beginning and I intend to explore much more. Below are some photographs from the drive ..

7 Lakes Drive, NY 

7 Lakes Drive, NY

Fall Colors

7 Lakes Drive, NY

7 Lakes Drive, NY

End of Fall

Fall Colors

Rest of the photographs can be seen on FLICKR ..

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