Cape May, NJ

I’ve been trying to shoot in low light last two weekends. I was at Cape May, which is the southern most point of New Jersey. Its a very old beach town with beaches rated to be top 10-20 beaches in US. Winters are definitely not the right time to be there, but then winters is the only time a beach would be free of people, specially ones these famous. This beach apparently quite important during WW-II, I can say that because there was an old WW-II bunker at one of the beach.  I’ll probably Google that later.I was there yesterday and last Saturday, hoping to catch some sunset as well. Both the times I was there the clouds were dense and no sun. It was perfect tho for me, since I was looking for low-light and and new place to check out. Below are two shots from last week:

Cape May Beach
Cape May Beach I liked these rocks kinda like a jetty on the beach, so that’s why I decided to come back here. Yesterday I was back here an hour earlier, had some more light but no sunlight, but good thing was I could capture the algae on these rocks. Video and photos below:

Cape May Beach

I had to paint this picture with a LED torch light to get that green proper. Used .9 ND filter. There is also a very old but still active Lighthouse on the beach. I was too far off in the at the beach so could not get a close up shot, and it was getting darker so decided to compose a shot from there itself.

Cape May Lighthouseand tried to catch some waves 🙂

Cape May, NJWill make a few more trips here, specially to the sunset beach on a nice sunny day and also need to capture that lighthouse.

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