Grand Canyon, AZ

Few of my friends and I reached the Grand Canyon village on the night of Thanksgiving. We stayed in Yavapai Village lodge. For a lodge the rooms were very well equipped. We went out of the Grand Canyon village to a Pizza place ( the food was great ), but we were surprised being Thanksgiving everything was closed except these guys.

So, we decided that we would get up early and  catch a bus to the East most point of the South Rim to see the sunrise, and so we did. Surprisingly it wasn’t really that cold, there was a chill in the breeze, but I guess looking at the spectacular Canyon in front of us, we (almost) forgot about the cold. It had snowed just a few days back, so I was expecting it to be freezing, moreover I had cold and was afraid it might get worse.

Catching the Sunrise at East part of the South RimGrand Canyon - South RimAfter catching the Sunrise, we came back to the lodge, got ready for the 9 mile trail we had planned for, but before that we had a pit stop at the Bright Angel Lodge. They had a nice restaurant and the breakfast was phenomenal :-D, so we had to go there before we could dare to do our 9 mile south rim trail. At around Noon we started , the trail started right behind the restaurant. A friend and I took the lead and started walking. We reached the Hermit Rest be around 4 – 4:30. I have to say it was a really long trail. I wouldn’t say it was tough, but the last time I went to the gym was like a year back and I lacked the stamina to keep going :-D. This by far has been my longest trail. Thanks to my friend who kept motivating me we did complete it. Although by the end of it I had a sever migraine, because my head was not so properly covered and by evening it became colder, moreover I was already fighting sore throat and cold. However, I am glad we did the whole thing, atleast now I can brag about it. Below are a few shots from along the trail..

Grand Canyon South Rim
Grand Canyon South Rim
Grand Canyon South Rim

It was a little difficult to take these shots because 1. I wasn’t carrying my Tripod ( I am glad) and 2. since it was afternoon the light was really harsh. I had to take really under exposed shots and was using a .9 ND filter. i am happy that I got most colors of the canyon, but few clouds and the sunset would have added a lot of glamor. one thing is for sure, i have to make a few more trips here. ..

2 Comments on “Grand Canyon, AZ

  1. Great photos. What a spectacular landscape. I have flown over the Grand Canyon – just in a regular plane. I would love to get closer – one day. We have just flown over Lake Eyre in Australia. It is full of water, something that happens very rarely.

  2. thank you .. it certainly is spectacular. You could probably go there in Early summer.. Weather should be good.

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