Magic Hour Unplugged with Kah Kit Yoong

Kah is another of my most favorite photographer. I first saw a photo of his in the Outdoor Photographer 2008 magazine issue, became an instant fan. He gives “Golden Hours Of Photography” its true meaning. His photography is evidence of the beautiful world out there yet to be seen by many of us.


He is also a member of, a team which comprises of wonderful photographers like Jay Patel and Patrick Fruscia and more ..

He was kind enough to answer a few questions of mine. They are posted below for you to read ..

KK: When you look at a photograph ( your own or your fellow photographer’s) what are the first 3 things (or more) you look at?
KKY: The first thing I notice is the composition, in particular whether it is well balanced or not. The concept of balance is a difficult one since it is more of a gut feel than anything to do with following or breaking the traditional ‘rules’. Often the next thing I notice is how the light has been used, whether it matches the subject and composition or not. The technique behind the photo should be invisible ideally. If there are glaring technical deficiencies, these may well be the first things I notice.

KK: When you compose a photograph, are you always sure that this composition would be the best or do you take multiple shots from different perspective and decide later when you download it to your computer?
KKY:You can never be sure that you have the best possible composition. I often walk around without taking any photos first to get a feel of the various perspectives. I may then take a few shots and study them on the LCD to see which works best. Once I have decided roughly where I want to shoot from, I can spend quite a bit of time making seemingly small adjustments which can have a big impact to the end result.

KK: Being a Nature/Landscape photographer, you need to be at the right place at the right time. How do you figure that out?
KKY: Most of my photos come about from simply turning up to the location and matching the light to the subject. Of course the light at the beginning and end of the day are usually more likely to give better results. I much prefer to chase good light and then find something suitable to photograph rather than finding a composition and waiting for the right conditions to appear.

KK: Do you have a favorite quote about photography? Taken from others or your own?
KKY: “To photograph is to hold one’s breath, when all faculties converge to capture fleeting reality. It’s at that precise moment that mastering an image becomes a great physical and intellectual joy.” Cartier-Bresson

KK: Are they any photographers you are inspired from? If so, please could you share their name and how do they inspire you?
KKY: I draw inspiration from many photographers these days, and not only from the landscape and travel genres. Too many to mention really. However when I first started photography in 2005, seeing the work of Marc Adamus and the Time Catcher team, made me want to become a landscape photographer.

KK: What is your advice for the new folks trying their hand at photography as a hobby or planning to go pro?
KKY:I get a lot of questions from people trying to discover what ‘secrets’ I might be using. The truth is that I developed my way of doing things through lots of practice, trial-and-error, hard work and problem-solving. Some of the new folk get so caught-up in trying to find short-cuts that they lose sight of the fact that the basics of photography : exposure, composition and using light can only be learnt through practice and experience.

Kah’s award winning work has been published in many popular and prestigious magazines including Nat Geo Traveler and Popular photography. You can follow him on his blog “Magic Hours unplugged“.

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