Ashbury Park Beach, NJ

Although New Jersey is supposed to be a Garden State, it has a bad reputation that it is dirty. This post will be an “IN YOUR FACE” for all such people 😀 . World is a beautiful place, and you just need to open your eyes to see its real beauty. That’s been my motivation thus far to share the beauty of our planet no matter which part of the planet it is. After all, end of the day it is us who is mutilating it.

A few weeks back I was at Ashbury Park beach. It was very cold, my shoes and jeans got wet, and I had to walk back a mile to get to the parking lot after the shoot. By the time I got back to my car and started to changed my shoes I noticed the shoe laces were frozen and so was the bottom of my jeans. That was very stupid of me, I should have been more careful. Lesson Learn’t !!

Here are the photos from the beach. Since the beach is East facing I could not put the Sun in the frame, although the afterglow after the sunset was beautiful and I captured that the best I could…


4 Comments on “Ashbury Park Beach, NJ

  1. Fantastic! I’m really digging how the waves mirror the clouds in the first and second shots. I can’t quite pick a favorite from the first three!

    • 😀 thanks !!
      It was below freezing that day.. my shoe laces and my cargo bottoms froze coz they got wet 😀 .. i had to walk a mile back to the parking lot.

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