Times Square

So, the world population is reaching a 7 Billion mark this year and according to Nat Geo a Typical Person is around a 30 yr old Hans Chinese man. By 2030 a typical person would be from India. No matter which country has the largest population count and no matter which country is going to take the prize in the next few years, but a majority of them “I think” make it a point to come the Times Square in New York 😀 .

Every time I go to the Times Square, its always over crowded and you find people from all over the world there. I’m not surprised they call it ” The Crossroads of the World”. The big TV screens and the billboards, animated Neon and LED lights all over and the famous Broadway street with many theaters and the Big Ball drop on New years and much much more makes up Times Square.

Times Square, NYCTimes Square, NYCTimes Square, NYCTimes Square, NYCSo many people, so many races and many faces. You can find people from all walks of life here. It is really and amazing place and definitely a must in your “places to see” list..

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