Crater Lake, OR

I’ve been wanting to go to Crater Lake for a long time. Its funny when I was living in California I for some reason could never make a plan to go there. But now that I am on the other coast I was really itching to go there. Finally, the plan materialized and I flew to SF and from there my friend and I drove 9 hours to Crater Lake. 13 inches of snow had fallen that week and we reached right after the blizzard. The snow was fresh and it was white all around, but on the down side none of the trails were open. There was just 1 access point where of-course all the visitors were standing to get the view. Because of heavy clouds we got some good over cast and around 3-4 pm I got a few decent shots.

Crater Lake, OR

Crater lake OR - HDRThe one above is an HDR I made with Photomatix and the processed in Lightroom

My friend and I then decided to come back early in the morning the next day. We were oping to get those magical colors but that did not happen. Light was blue at 5 in the morning and by 6am everything became gray. Below is what I managed to get.

Early Morning at Crater Lake

Crater Lake, OR

Crater Lake, ORLater that day We drove to Lava Beds, but I don’t have any decent image to share from there, however the following day on our way back to Bay Area we got this lovely view of Mt. Shasta.

Mt. Shasta, CA

Mt. Shasta, CA

3 Comments on “Crater Lake, OR

  1. I like the winter photos, but I am glad we went last September. We got really lucky. We were there for two days and had beautiful blue skys without a cloud both days. There wasn’t any snow so all the trails were open and we even hiked down to take a boat cruise on the lake. As they say it is 1.5 miles down and 11 miles back up. If you go again, late summer is the best time of year. My wife and I are not professional photographers, and we just use aim and create cameras, but my travel photo of the day for 7-12-2011 at is a shot of Crater Lake without the snow.

  2. I just saw your image. Loved the blue hues. I am for sure making another trip next year. Will take your suggestion on the timing.

  3. Karan, If you would like to see more of my Crater Lake photos you can go to my Facebook page. If you search for Daniel Fee a few will come up, I am the one in Ft Lauderdale. You will also find pictures from many of our other trips and I am always adding more. Might give you some ideas on where you want to go next.

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