Bear Mt, NY

Two weeks back my friend and I drove to Harriman State park to do a trail on Rt. 106, which we had recently discovered. Since plans have a funny way of not working out, this one bombed too. The road was closed. So we decided to drive around on 7 Lakes Drive  and hoped to get some evening clouds reflection on the lakes. But by 6pm we decided to drive further and go to Bear Mt., which is also part of Harriman State Park and only 2.5 miles from where we were.

Lucky for us the overcast clouds started to break and by the time Sun came to the Horizon we got to see many of the many amazing colors spread all across the sky. You could literally see the color change and in about 15 min the magic hours came to an end. I wanted to capture the magic moment on timelapse but at the last min could not really figure out the timelapse settings on my Nikon, so that sucked too. However, got the following images:

Bear Mt, NY
Bear Mt, NY
Bear Mt, NYI did a couple of interviews with my favorite nature/landscape photographers, and one of the most important advice I got was to follow the right light. If you can manege to capture the right light, it would make any ordinary landscape look extra-ordinary. All the images are example of such.

Bear Mt., NYBelow is an image from last year, shows the cascading small hills you get to see from top of the View point at Bear Mt loop drive.


7 Comments on “Bear Mt, NY

  1. Very nice photos; I especially like the third one. And those photographers are right, light is everything in photography. It can change everything. Thanks for sharing the photos!

  2. Lucky u…i always crave for such effects…denver used to drive me nuts with those breath taking sunsets…nice shots

    • Thank you … I have seen the website before. Please do let me know if you would like to use my images on your website.

  3. I remember reading a photographer interview one time and what they said was that you are not taking a picture, but capturing the light!

    Great photos, only criticism I would have is that some of the colors are maybe to saturated/vibrant, but apart from that cracking shots!

    • HI Tyler,

      I agree about the saturation. Some of them were edited using HDR software, and I did go over board. But when I print these .. I edit them to look normal.

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