Sandy Hook in B&W

In my posts you will see a lot of photographs from Sandy Hook Beach in New Jersey. There are few reasons for that – a. Its very close to where I live, b. every time I have gone there I have got atleast 1 unique shot and c. there are plenty more opportunities there in terms of flora and fauna as well.

Last Friday I woke up early at around 4:30 so decided to drive back and catch the Sun rise. I check the weather and it seemed great. There were supposed to be broken clouds and that is perfect for sunrise because that gives a lot if unique opportunities in terms of light. But unfortunately it wasn’t my day. When I started from home it looked promising but when I reached, there was a lot of fog. Visibility must be less than 1/3 of a mile. I thought since I am already here will just wait it out and hope it might clear up. I was there for an hour and a half and got nothing. Well not exactly nothing….

It occurred to me that this might be perfect for Black and White images..

Sandy Hook Beach
Sandy Hook, NJ
Sandy Hook Beach
Sandy Hook Beach

3 Comments on “Sandy Hook in B&W

  1. Man, I know that scenario well, Karan. My favorite spot for sunrises is a half hour drive which isn’t bad, but the conditions always seem to deteriorate with each mile as I approach the site.
    But nice save with the monotone strategy. The conditions were good and those are some very nice beach studies.

    • Thanks Steve. Tho I don’t know a lot about B&W .. but it seemed like a good idea, I did not want to come back empty hand 🙂

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