Interview with Paul Marcellini

Paul Marcellini is an award winning nature and landscape photographer from Florida. I came to know about him when I was doing a project in Sarasota, and was looking for inspiration and places to check out for my own photography. I was really impressed with his photographs of Everglades, and that was one of the reasons even I made a trip to the glades in spite of the thunder and lightening and the heavy storm that day. His photography has inspired me in many ways. You can follow his Blog here ..

Below is the Q&A with him:-

KK: When you look at a photograph ( your own or your fellow photographer’s) what are the first 3 things (or more) you look at?
PM: I look at composition, mood, and exposure.

KK: When you compose a photograph, are you always sure that this composition would be the best or do you take multiple shots from different perspective and decide later when you download it to your computer?
PM: No, sometimes I am surprised that the last minute composition is the one I prefer, over the initial one.

KK: Being a Nature/Landscape photographer, you need to be at the right place at the right time. How do you figure that out?
PM: I am out mostly during good light(around sunrise and sunset) but sometimes you get lucky. It takes a lot of persistance.

KK: Do you have a favorite quote about photography? taken from others or your own?
PM: Not photo specific, but I have always liked: “The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.” – Walter Bagehot

KK: Are there any photographers you are inspired from? If so, please could you share their name and how do they inspire you?
PM: I definitely take inspiration from Marc AdamusGuy Tal, and Michael Anderson.

KK: What is your advice for the new folks trying their hand at photography as a hobby or planning to go pro?
PM: Keep your day job as long as possible. =)

Thank you Paul for your time…..

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