Fall in Adirondacks

Last weekend a friend and I drove up to Adirondacks to get some peak fall colors. We got a bit late for Vermont and New England area .. well mainly because we did not plan. I have never been to Adirondacks and thought this was the perfect time. We started early and drove 5 hrs to Flip Inn ( Feels like I am in Paradise) in Northville. Though there was nothing “Paradise” about the Inn but location wise it was very well placed. It was right at the North tip of Great Sacandaga Lake.

All in One

We reached early and after some rest and little planning drove towards Lake Placid and Whiteface Mt.  The drive needless to say was awesome, but we could only see the colors in patches. The drive also was a good scouting exercise. We found Lake Pleasant en-route and decided to go there next morning to catch the sunrise. Unfortunately we did not do our research properly, by the time we reached Whiteface Mt entrance it was 5pm and it turns out all these parks operate 9-5. Considering this to be one of the sought after vacation destination we thought they will have the parks open at least till sunset.

Adirondacks - enroute to Whiteface Mt.
Autumn Color
We got lucky tho, there was a lake right at the foothill of the Peak, sun was setting and it lit up the colors..

AdirondacksYou can see the rest of the images from Adirondacks here ..

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