Unexpected Surprise..

Just heard the title of this post on Two and a Half men 🙂 . Last week I went to Island Beach SP in New Jersey 3 times. May sound crazy, but I was absolutely obsessed with wanting to take some Red Fox photographs. I recently discovered that there are a few there, till now I used to have to drive 2.5 hours to Bombay Hook in Delaware.

However, I wasn’t too lucky. Out of the three trips I made, just got one decent shot.  The Image below is from the first trip. I reached well in time but had no clue about the park, so had to scout a bit. Unfortunately we saw nothing, and moreover it was a boring day for landscape shots as well. There were no clouds in the evening sky. So decided to head back, and just then, close to the exit we saw it. Light was too dim by then, Sun had almost set and I had to jump out the car quickly ..

The Illusionist.

On the 2nd trip, almost the same thing happened and saw this one at the same spot. Just when I was about to take the shot a few cars went by at speed higher than what was the limit was. The poor thing got scared and ran away. I didn’t want to stalk it and scare it even more. I did though manage to get the face in focus.

Red Fox

Third time’s a charm, well not in my case. The very next day I was back and unlucky for me I didn’t see nothing, not even a bird. It was so disappointing, you really need a lot of patience for wildlife photography.

There was a small trail right next to the parking lot, so decided to do that. I was quite irritated and was hoping to at least get a good Beach Shot. There was still some light and the Sun was almost setting. Thankfully the trail wasn’t too long and at the end of it got the unexpected surprise.

Island Beach SP, NJ

The Last image (above) is an HDR of two shots, one with a 30 second exposure to get the movement in the clouds.

The Sun had already set, clouds broke out at the horizon and the afterglow just lit up the entire scene. Landscape looked very dramatic.

7 Comments on “Unexpected Surprise..

  1. what first drew me in was the idea of a good fox shot (they are slowly becoming my favorite animal), but what can i say, i’m a sucker for a great sunset shot. the beach looks fantastic.

    • They indeed have become my favorite. I got some good ones when I was in Bombay Hook early this year.

    • That’s a great shot Trish. I guess its the same Fox.

      • correction ~ …have had the opportunity to see and photograph red fox on many occasions… There is an abundance of fox on IBSP, generally seen at dawn and dusk.

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