Manual for Newbies

I don’t mean the Mode on the Dial on your Camera. I mean the small booklet which comes with your Camera in the Camera box. A lot of newbies have a lot of questions on how to use the camera, which blogs to read, which magazines to buy. Just because you have a DSLR/SLR doesn’t mean you can start taking great images. You need to understand first what the Camera can do and how it can be done. Instead of spending money books or searching for free ebooks, all you need to do is open your box and read the manual.

I also used to buy all sorts of magazines, specially with ones having that extra booklet explaining the Camera functionality. Lucky for me, one of my mentors advised me to read the Camera Manual first. I tried the examples given in it and I learn’t a lot from that. The idea is to know your camera first, and what all it has to offer.

rickkets glen

Once you understand and appreciate how to use your camera, then you get a better understanding of what kind of advanced learning you need.

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