Acadia NP, Maine

What a beautiful place! It has everything a nature/landscape photographer needs :-), right from Mountains to Ocean Shoreline, woodlands and lakes. Although, I did not pick the right time to visit this National Park. A friend and I decided to make a trip during Thanksgiving weekend. After the trip I realized Fall or Spring would be a great time to visit.

 We drove 9 hours from New Jersey to Maine. The road is not so exciting. I really enjoyed the road trip from California to Oregon (Crater Lake). Anyways, I booked a hotel in Bar Harbor. We reached at midnight and from the moment on did not even waste a min. The sky was bright and clear and the Stars were twinkling bright. I had recently read the eBook regarding night photography from ALI, so decided to give it a shot.



The shot above was taken from outside the hotel room. There was some Light Pollution but I think I managed well. If you look carefully you can spot a Constellation.

The next day we drove to Bass Harbor to check out the Headlight there. We planned to capture Sunset, unfortunately the light and the sky was not so dramatic. So I composed the images such that I capture the rocky coast leading up to the Headlight.

Lighthouse at Bass Harbor

Later the light got better with the afterglow but we had to leave since it was getting dark and we did not have a Torch to find our way back up again. The next day early morning we decided to catch the Sunrise. We took the Loop road along the coast. Most of that route was closed dude to a snowstorm that came just the day before we reached. We found one spot and walked down to the water. There was still time for the Sun to rise and I was looking for a good spot. There were some good opportunities but the so called beach was full of small rocks and was so uncomfortable to walk or even set up the tripod firmly. But I had enough time and setup and waited for the Sun to come up, the timing was very close. The light was very soft and was bouncing of the rocks and some of them had moss growing in it. I decided on long exposure because the waves were not to high and reaching in, so thought if I keep the shutter open long enough, the misty feel of the water might do the trick.

Acadia Coast

I really loved the diversity in compositions and the landscape that spot had to offer. Looking slightly North I got the image below.

Acadia Coast

Later that day we decided to do the Mt. Cadillac Summit at 1500 feet. The summit was not too high but was steep and a tough one. There was no defined trail for the most part, no patch was paved. It was mostly rocks, snow, water and slush, and the winds were strong. The view from top was amazing.

View from Mt. Cadillac Summit

I would definitely will have to make another trip here soon. There is lot much more to explore here. We completely missed the wildlife there, and a  lot more of that shoreline to be seen. Most likely in Spring I should be heading back there.

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  1. Beautiful shots, but I especially love ‘Infinate’ it is stunning!!!

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