Beach Abstracts

Recently I have been trying some minimalism abstract coastal shots. I have mostly in these case used a 70-300 Nikor VR lens VR. For these shots I had to isolate the subject from the rest of the scene, hence the telephoto lens. Another reason is that since I am playing with waves, its important that I keep my camera away from the high tide so as not to risk it from getting wet. I have already once almost destroyed my Sigma 10-20mm lens by getting to close to water. I had to drive 2.5 hours to Sigma office to have it fixed. Don’t want to do that again 🙂 . A telephoto helps in such scenarios.

The images below are all long exposure shots, essentially 1s or more. For these photos I had to make sure that I don’t go to  more than 2-3 seconds ( based on natural light) so as to get good texture from the waves and not make it look like “mist”. For some reason there are a lot of rock jettys on the beaches of Jersey, which really helps when you are looking for  crashing waves or a foreground interest or even leading lines.

f/29.0; 1/6s; ISO-100

f/29; 1/6s; ISO-100

f/16; 0.3s; ISO-100

For the image above, I timed the shot so that the waves go over the small rock and give the bump in the texture.

f/22; 0.4s; ISO-100

f/20; 5sec; ISO-100

This image in my opinion emphasis on the art of seeing. As a photographer it is imperative that you have a keen eye on such details. There are no waves here, just the groves on the beach as a result of receding waves.

9 Comments on “Beach Abstracts

  1. Agreed; the grooves the waves leave on the beach are certainly just as photo-worthy as the waves themselves. It’s amazing how though, in the first and third pictures, you make the waves look like a mass of mist! 🙂

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