Trip to UK

The last long weekend I went to UK. Getting the Visa was a slightly painful process, with no way of tracking the progress. After almost about 4 weeks of effort, I got my Visa and within the next day I bought my ticket. So far all I have seen in Europe are the 3 airports (Uk, Germany and France) while on my way to US. So, this was a great break for me. Finally a trip I had been planning for the last almost 7 years.

I had a few days and there was a lot to see. Wasn’t not sure when I’ll be here next so tried to make the most. I was putting up in Oxford, photos of which were taken through Instagram (Instakaran)


Shot above is of Big Ben. The clock is a lil washed out. Being artistic was not the idea in the trip, there was a lot to see and I had less time.

New vs Old Architecture

It was amazing to see an amazing mix of modern and old architecture in harmony. London, to me seems like a good mix of New Delhi and Mumbai. There was so much similarity on how the roads were and the parks, people all around and they even had a Connaught Place.


These taxis were very comfortable and surprisingly very spacious. There was no Boot/Trunk, the seats were pushed back and there was huge legroom.

Phone Booths

And I just loved these telephone booths, they were everywhere. My home town had a few of these too once, but were black in color.

Trafalgar Sq

Trafalgar Sq.


And a Cop guarding the Entrance to Buckingham Palace. There was no tour that day šŸ˜ , they were preparing for Queen’s Birthday.


Then one day I took a tour Bus to Bath and Stonehenge. Bath had beautiful architecture, the Roman baths were also an interestingĀ piece. To Ā me they were just glamorous, public bathrooms :-D. A Few hours from there was Stonehenge. Not so grand as IĀ perceived.


I’ve been wanting to go to UK for a long time. There is so much history and culture there, 4 days aren’t enough to really enjoy and absorb, all that it has to experience.

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