I’ve not picked up my camera in about 3 months now, thanks to my stupid injury in September. Actually the injury was pretty serious, but the way I got injured was pretty stupid. I was walking down the stairs and missed a step and twisted my right ankle. Got two torn ligaments and my foot looked like Hulk’s foot.. except that it wasn’t green but Blue/Black. Was decommissioned for 2 months and bedridden for a month. So, I have not really created an image in a long time.

Mostly sitting around at home I was trying to figure out ways to do more with my time. So, I installed Instagram and started recycling my images with it. I’m not in particularly impressed with the App, but it does give a whole new twist to the images. Its pretty good with regular cellphone shots, no denying that. However, I gave it a try and was decently satisfied. So if you guys are on Instagram do connect, My id is instakaran.


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