Jersey Shores

The New Jersey Shore line is a little over 200 miles of coastline spanning from Sandy Hook all the way to Cape May in the south. I have visited and photographed most part of the shoreline. My favorite being the Sandy Hook and Cape May point. Its a popular vacation destination on the East Coast. Unfortunately we were hit by a devastating Hurricane Sandy in Oct’12 and that has pretty much ruined most of the coastal communities and state parks.

Its been over two months now since Sandy, but most part of the coastline is still closed for visitors. Last week I drove down to Island Beach SP and just a few miles before the entrance, there was a barricade beyond which no one is allowed. Today I checked for Sandy-Hook and that’s shut down too. It sucks not to be able to go back there now. I hope they open it by Summer time, else the tourism industry would take a huge financial hit. I was quite bummed about it, was going through some pics I had made in the last two years and thought will share with you all. Hope you enjoy them:

Lawrence Harbour,NJ

Lawrence Harbor


Asbury Park

Barnegat Lighthouse

Barnegat Lighthouse

Island Beach SP, NJ

Island Beach SP

Cape May, NJ

Sunset Beach, Cape May

Ocean Grove Pier

Ocean Grove

Broken Pier at Ocean City

Broken Pier at Ocean City

SandyHook Beach, NJSandy Hook

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  1. These pictures are Gorgeous and the colors are beautiful ! Wonderful job : )

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