Seeing Things ..

No! not like “Seeing Things” which don’t exist, but to see things that do exist… differently. Lets see if I can explain this clearly. When you are shooting landscape and nature and the light is beautiful you tend to miss out on finer aspects while creating the image. I usually, like most photographers do some scouting before the magic hour to find a nice spot and set up my gear and wait for the right light. But sitting around doing nothing would waste a lot of time. I use that time to observe things around me, sometimes you can get a good abstract out of finer details.

Sands of Time..

The shot above I created while waiting at Island beach SP. I liked the pattern on the sand. I put a ND filter on the lens and with a simple lens zoom trick I created the shot. Its simple and good use of time and works as an abstract.


The above two shots of the frozen surface of the lake created in Harriman SP in NY. I was driving up to Bear mountain and on the way I stopped on a few spots and noticed these.. thought would make a nice abstract.


This one was at Sandy Hook Beach, yet again waiting for the sunset. The tide was coming in and these small rocks were interrupting the smooth flow of the waves.


This shot I created in Ocean Grove. The low tide was creating these interesting lines moving back and forth. Probably had something to do with the texture of the beach sand. I also used these patters as leading lines in one of the Pier shot.

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