Alaska – Cruise

The final part of our trip was a Cruise. We drove down from Denali to a town called Cooper Landing in the Kenai Peninsula. We did not realize that Whittier, which is where we had to take our cruise from was equi-distant from Copper Landing and Anchorage. We really did not have to come all the way down. But I’m glad we did. The drive was beautiful, infact almost every inch of Alaska is breath taking .. so i’ll recommend this drive towards Seward

Kenai Peninsula

Image above is the view on the drive back towards Anchorage, So the next day in the morning we drove to Whittier where our cruise was waiting for us. Its a good 3 hours on the cruise ship if not more. It takes you  to Prince William Sound, and they show you over a dozen Glaciers. However though, you are really not that close to these glaciers, they point them out from a distance. Needless to say the scenery is breath taking. The most exciting is the “Surprise Glacier”. They take you very very close to this one Glacier, and they fetch some ice from it floating on the water for you to consume. Yes consume ! 🙂 .. lets say you order Rum and Coke or may be even just coke, they put the Glacier Ice in it rather than just regular ice. but you have to be quick to order one of those :-). Essentially you are having a 150 yr old ice..

Prince William Sound

Prince William Sound

Prince William Sound

Surprise Glacier,Prince William Sound

(Surprise Glacier )

Glacier,Prince William Sound

Glacier,Prince William Sound

Prince William Sound

Hope you liked the photographs. if you want to order prints please use the Contact form.

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