Forever Light – eBook Review.

Book: Forever Light – Landscape Photographer’s Guide to Iceland.
Authors: Sarah Marino and Ron Coscorrossa

Forever Light - Landscape Photographer's Guide to Iceland.

A lot of people like to travel and a lot of people like to take beautiful photographs when they travel. People search information on the internet, they go to several websites and sometimes they get what they are looking for but not always. “Forever Light” is a very interesting eBook on photographing the beautiful and scenic Iceland and gives you everything you need to know from locations and how to get there, tips on gear, season information, right down to GPS location. Both the authors Sarah Marino and Ron Coscorrossa have done a great job pinning down each and every detail that you would require to make your own trip a success. Important to note is that this is not a tourism book but a guide to photograph beautiful Iceland landscape.

The contents of this book is very extensive and covers almost all aspects for photographing Iceland. It not only mentions the finer details like the Sunset and the Sunrise timing, day light and locations, it also provides information on how you can get to those places, what kind of gear they used, how you can take care of your own gear and most importantly tips to avoid hazards and stay safe.

The book is very well written. There is no confusing text, there is no guess work. Information is precise and to the point. It allows the reader to absorb a lot of information in an organized manner while keeping them interested to read further.

This book is flooded with information, and each and every tip, information, suggestion makes sense and is precise. The information is relevant and correct because its not based on guess work. Both the authors have spent a lot of time photographing Iceland and all the information is from what they documented when they were making the trip. They even have information on the USD$$ they spent.

You might now wonder if its worth buying this book. My take on this is definitely YES. The only reason I say that, is because the book contains information from the authors own experiences. It is a first hand take. It is like sitting in a class and getting one on one attention. However, is this book for everybody? May be not for an average traveler, or a regular tourist. If you have some experience traveling far and wide and you are really interested in creating those amazing photographs of Iceland, this book is for you. Like the name suggests its a Landscape Photographer’s Guide to photographing Iceland.

If you want to buy this book then  use the discount code CATSAWAY1. The discount code expires on September 21st, so get your copy now.  Click “Forever Light” to buy this book right away.

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