eBook Review – Landscapes in Lightroom 5

BookLandscapes in Lightroom 5: The Essential Step-by-Step Guide
Author: Michael Frye

Landscapes in lightroom 5

Lightroom 5 is the latest offering from Adobe. Its not your typical graphics software but is mainly built as a digital darkroom for processing your digital photographs. If you are new to the software or upgrading or just new in photography and want to learn how to process your images, this book is for you. It will definetly help if you have some background in processing. This book covers the essentials for processing your landscape photographs using Lightroom 5.

Its in depth and covers a lot of aspects of Lightroom 5. The book talks about the process, the various tools at your disposal to work your images and also explains how you can best use them to your advantage. It also covers a lot of examples explaining the tools indepth.

The book is very finely written, no ambiguity, no confusion and stays true the name by providing information step by step and keeping everything simple.

Michael explains the steps and tools using his own images, and are all real examples. I tried these steps on my own images and found them to be exact. I blindly followed the steps and the end result from my raw file was exactly perfect.

This book is fantastic! Michael Frye is a seasoned and an accomplished landscape photographer, and this book reflects that. If you want to up your game or re-look at your own workflow and you feel something is missing, you can fill in the blanks with this book.

You can CLICK HERE to  buy this ebook from www.ianplant.com. Use the discount code CATSAWAY1, it expires on September 21st, so get your copy now.

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