Telephoto Landscapes

My Ideal choice for  landscape photograph is a wide angle lens like a Sigma 10-20mm or may be even a Nikor 18-50mm. However there is no hard and fast rule that you need to use such lenses all the time for the landscape shots. Sometimes you need to look further, probably because the colors in the sky are changing fast and you can’t run to a good spot fast enough. May be sometimes you want to close in to a composition which would make more sense in a tight crop. Depending on whatever your reasons are don’t be afraid to use a telephoto lens.



In the Image above you can see I don’t have a great composition. So I decided to switch the lens to a Nikor 70-300mm and composed the shot below taking in to consideration now the curve you see in the center and the tree at the end of the curve line. (marked by a red arrow.)

Sandy Hook Beach, NJ


And then I walked up to the spot on the right to get another perspective and got the shot below.

Sandy Hook Beach, NJ


Give it a try.. and let me know how it went .. 🙂

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