Different Perspective

You see an interesting subject, you take a photo.

Do you take time to explore the subject?
how do you figure you have the best possible composition?
How many photos of the same subject are enough?

Some you can answer accurately some answers are vague. Based on your audience, based on the time you have and many such factors you can answer these questions.

Drift Wood

Sandy Hook Beach, NJ

Drift Wood

The above three image are pretty much the same in nature yet have different perspective, they are shot both in landscape and portrait. And the subject are aligned slightly differently in every composition.

Sandy Hook Beach, NJ

Sandy Hook Beach, NJ

The above two were shot using a telephoto lens. I zoomed in and out to isolate my subjects. In one I used the beach as the leading line to the tree. In the other I zoomed in to the tree and isolated it from any distractions.

Parliament, Ottawa,CA

Parliament hill, Ottawa, CA

The two above are shot at the Parliament Hill in Ottawa, CA. I used a wide angle lens (Sigma 10-20mm). The lens distortion in itself created these two different images.


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