Got Milky Way?

I have recently started to shoot the night sky and I am quite loving it. Having a nice foreground and the milky way over that foreground adds a lot drama to the image. Moreover, your audience gets to experience something unique and different. Its quite fascinating actually for both me and the person looking at that image. Its not your everyday photography subject, and historically human race has always been fascinated by the night sky and the stars.

It is not that difficult to shoot the night sky, just a few details to keep in mind:

a. Make sure obviously its dark/night
b. You are far away from the city, that causes a lot of light pollution and makes it difficult to photograph.
c. Carry a tripod. You will have min of 30 sec exposure. Can be less to depending on the situation
d. use a wide angle lens, rotate the lens till it is set to the “infinity” sign
e. set your ISO to minimum of 1500 and you can go upto around 6000
f. Depending on your ISO you can vary your shutter, its a hit and trial.
g. But how do you know where to aim the camera? There are a lot of apps out there. but if you are like me and don’t want to download, then just aim the camera at different angles to wards the sky till you find it. Generally takes 2-3 tries at the most. In my experience, I am generally able to see a faint white-ish/cloudy line in the sky. But that depends on your location. I made the images below in National Parks, where there is no light pollution, dust or anything to ruin the shot.

All you gotta do know is to press that shutter, Oh! you might need a cable release. ENJOY !!

Milky Way at Sequoia National ParkLonger the Shutter ( lets say 30 sec or more) you will lose the sharp dots/stars.

Milky Way at Sequoia National Park
Milky Way at Sequoia National Park

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