I’ve been living in the San Francisco Bay area for a few years now. And every time I am driving over the Dumbarton Bridge over to Fremont or Union City, I notice this red hut on right hand side in Don Edward Wildlife Refuge. This hut look really intriguing as its in the middle of the park and Inevitably always see it when I am on that road. I’ve been wanting to go for a hike in the park for a long time so last week  finally decided to go. I carried my camera along as well.

I finally came to this little hut to which you can get to via a small boardwalk. I realized that shooting this hut is going to be tricky. Depending on which ever perspective you take, you either get the highway 84 traffic at the back or lines of electric towers on the opposite side. Since I could not do much about that, I tried to walk around the hut and see what different angles would work better.  I tried a few compositions, on both the days I went there. Luckily for me both the times the light and the sky was great, so I was able to shoot some unique perspectives.

Don Edward Wildlife Refuge
Don Edward Wildlife Refuge

Don Edward Wildlife Refuge

Don Edwards Refuge

Don Edwards Refuge

Don Edwards Refuge

As you can see above, the images have been made with different angles, perspective, height, to avoid as much external man-made elements as possible. its the same Subject in every image but has a different perspective. So it is always important in landscape photography to reach the location on time and scout around to see how you can bet compose your image. Little bit of patience and planning goes a long way.

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