If you guys have not been there yet.. then you should. This was my first trip to Hawaii. I went to two Islands. I landed in Oahu, spent a few days there and then went to Maui. On the first day I landed in Oahu, I checked into a hotel in Waikiki. That evening I went to beach just a block down. It was a very pretty sunset. I did not have a tripod as I was traveling light with my gear, primarily because this was not a photography trip but a family vacation. For the first time I was without my office laptop.. it felt a bit weird. Any way below are the two images I created of the first sunset in Hawaii.

Waikiki Beach

Waikiki Beach

The next day we drove to the North Shore of the island. We first drove to the west side the drove up north. We drove through the Kualao Ranch on the West side. I did not end up taking any photos as it was middle of the day and the light was too bright, and there were way too many people. Eventually by early evening we reach the North shore to catc the sunset. The sun set behind a massive cliff, so that was a bummer. However though I got these two long exposure shots. As you can see there wasn’t any drama in the clouds, so int he second shot I tilted my camera down to avoid as much sky as possible.

North Shore of Oahu

North Shore of Oahu

The second day we drove south around the Island. The drive was  very pretty. We chilled out a Lanai beach in the afternoon. By early evening e started to drive back. We reach the Makapuu lookout point. There was a lighthouse there, but I did not hike up all the way. However the view from there was amazing. Some photos below:

Makapuu Lookout

Makapuu Lookout

The next day we went to see the Pearl Harbor and that evening we flew to Maui. We did a lot of driving there as well. I do not recommend the “Road to Hana” if you are travelling with little kids or babies. First day we drove to Lahaina to see the Luao in the evening. During the day we walked around the town then went to see Blowhole at Nakalele point. I could not get a good image there as it was raining and also a lot of people. I got some good videos though. You can see the videos on my instagram account. Below are some images from Maui.

Nakalele Blowhole Scenic lookout This was at the lookout at the Blow hole Kahakulao Scenic Lokout
This is at the kahakulao scenic lookout, north of Lahaina
Fire Dancer

Fire Dancer
A fire dancer at the Luao
kameole beach
This was the last day. Tried to catch the sunrise, but the light was not good.

Overall it was a great relaxing trip, we were there for 7 nights. We realized that the best way to enjoy Hawaii is to go to one island at a time and spend 8-10 days. So our next trip will be to Big Island. We will plan to stay there the whole while.

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