Cellphone Photography & Editing

Recently I upgraded to Samsung S8+ cellphone, primarily because my old phone was kind of dying out. I would have waited for S9+ if my old phone was slightly more healthier than it was. However though, not to underestimate the features and capability of S8+. The quality of the camera it has is pretty amazing. It has a 12-megapixel “Dual Pixel” rear-facing camera with a f/1.7 lens, and a new image sensor. The default app has HDR capability which captures the light with near perfection. I also use the “Snapseed” app to edit these photographs on my cellphone itself. This is a great app for editing photos with a lot of effective and tools.

Last week i took this phone out for a spin to Don Edwards Wildlife refuge. There is a small picnic hut at the refuge that you can see from the 84 bridge towards the Fremont side. This is a very interesting subject, and probably the only subject to make fine art photographs at this location.

I was very impressed with the picture quality and along with the editing via Snapseed, I made the following images. These images can be printed in 4×6 paper and they would make great postcards as well. Over all very impressed. I intend to use the phone a lot more in the near future to create such images.

Don Edwards WR with Samsun S8+ Don Edwards WR with Samsun S8+Don Edwards WR with Samsun S8+ Don Edwards WR with Samsun S8+Don Edwards WR with Samsun S8+

The last two images are of a different hut on the left of the main picnic hut. Over all from my perspective its a thumbs up for the camera.


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