About Me

I am a Hobbyist Photographer from Fremont,CA. My day job is in the field of Information Technology. I enjoy being on nature trails and hikes. I have been creating images for 6 years now.



1. Exhibition with Fremont Cultural Art Council.

2. Sigma Corp has my image on their Blog as the Fan Photo of the week.

3. Two exhibitions with Grace Church Spring Photography Show. This is for a good cause – to support the Senior Citizens on NJ. All proceeds went to the cause.

4. One of my images from Shark Valley, Everglades made it to the Cover of the Florida English Journal. Its an Alligator submerged in the water with only his eyes popping out.

Florida English Journal

 5. Perception: A lot of people out there have a wrong notion about New Jersey. The only two things they talk about is that its Dirty and Congested or the Reality show the Jersey Shores. I have written a small article on the NY-NJ Trail Conference website which will help change the mind set, and hopefully one day NJ will become one of the destination for all levels of Photographers.

6. My images are gracing one of the blog posts of Fiat Punto.

7. Did a photo-shoot for one of the finest Bhangara/Bollywood DJ from Colorado, DJAshishb

8. Plenty of images hanging in plenty of living rooms ..

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