This weekend I decided to take a break from landscape photography and go shoot some wildlife. I drove down about 2 hours and 40 min to Bombay Hook NWR in Dover Delaware. I was hoping to shoot some birds and specially the red and gray foxes in the refuge. I should have done my homework better on what was a better time to go there. It was freezing cold and there wasn’t… Read More

This is a shot I took just a day or two before thanksgiving (2010) . A friend and I went to the vista point over looking the bridge, hoping to catch some intense fog over the bridge but instead we got this view which I guess is much much better than what I was expecting. It was a full moon night, cloudy and winds were strong. On the top left corner you… Read More

I wanted to capture the last sunset of 2010 and the first sunrise of 2011 but unfortunately I could only get half the work done. My alarm did not go off int he morning of 1-1-11. Although¬† I did manage to see the sunrise from my Balcony which faces south-east. I drove down to Cape May which is about 2 hours drive for Edison, to one of its beaches (Sunset Beach) to… Read More

Few of my friends and I reached the Grand Canyon village on the night of Thanksgiving. We stayed in Yavapai Village lodge. For a lodge the rooms were very well equipped. We went out of the Grand Canyon village to a Pizza place ( the food was great ), but we were surprised being Thanksgiving everything was closed except these guys. So, we decided that we would get up early and¬† catch… Read More