Paul Marcellini is an award winning nature and landscape photographer from Florida. I came to know about him when I was doing a project in Sarasota, and was looking for inspiration and places to check out for my own photography. I was really impressed with his photographs of Everglades, and that was one of the reasons even I made a trip to the glades in spite of the thunder and lightening and the heavy storm that… Read More

Most of 2009 and the first half of this year I was working in Sarasota, Florida. Good thing about Florida is that the weather allows you to be at the beach all year long. Although Dec and Jan do get a little cold, but you can still go to the beach and do some bird watching. I had a great time photographing these birds. Although my experience with birds mostly have been… Read More

Known as Drum Circle, basically comprises of anyone and everyone who can play a musical instrument, loves to dance, is open to listening to new music  .. It started little over a decade ago when a bunch of people came together in Siesta Key Beach , played music and danced starting just 2-3 hours before the sunset until the Sun completely disappears in the distant Horizon. Below are a bunch of photographs I… Read More

Lines are wonderful elements in a photograph. They draw the viewer’s attention through the image from one spot to the next, sometimes all the way around and sometimes in one direction. This helps give depth to the photograph rather than making it look flat and boring. Anything with a definite line can be a leading line for example Fences, bridges, even a shoreline can lead the attention of the viewer. This images… Read More