Just heard the title of this post on Two and a Half men ūüôā . Last week I went to Island Beach SP in New Jersey 3 times. May sound crazy, but I was absolutely obsessed with wanting to take some Red Fox photographs. I recently discovered that there are a few there, till now I used to have to drive 2.5 hours to Bombay Hook in Delaware. However, I wasn’t too… Read More

In my posts you will see a lot of photographs from Sandy Hook Beach in New Jersey. There are few reasons for that – a. Its very close to where I live, b.¬†every time¬†I have gone there I have got atleast 1 unique shot and c. there are plenty more opportunities there in terms of flora and fauna as well. Last¬†Friday¬†I woke up early at around 4:30 so decided to drive back… Read More

I have been frequenting Sandy Hook for a year now, and as a photographer one would really get bored of the same spot. That’s the thing about Sandy Hook,¬†every time¬†I have gone there I have found a different play of light, weather and composition. I have seen the most amazing colors in the sky right from Red and orange hues to light green. Some might find that surprising but its a fact…. Read More

Melissa “The Jersey Girl” Morris was kind enough to showcase my Jersey Shore Images on her Blog under the Picture Perfect Section. Melissa is a writer living in central New Jersey. She keeps another Blog Called “Notes on the State of New Jersey“. She writes a column for “Our Writing World”, the newsletter for the New Jersey Writers Society. She has also published her poetry in literary and online journals.  

I was a reading a quote from a famous photographer who said that the most beautiful photographs he has taken cannot be printed or shared on a computer screen but are embedded in is brain. There are some moments that cannot be captured by the camera although we try our best. I got myself into a similar situation this past Friday. I had just finished my last office call for the day… Read More