Although New Jersey is supposed to be a Garden State, it has a bad reputation that it is dirty. This post will be an “IN YOUR FACE” for all such people 😀 . World is a beautiful place, and you just need to open your eyes to see its real beauty. That’s been my motivation thus far to share the beauty of our planet no matter which part of the planet it… Read More

I wanted to capture the last sunset of 2010 and the first sunrise of 2011 but unfortunately I could only get half the work done. My alarm did not go off int he morning of 1-1-11. Although  I did manage to see the sunrise from my Balcony which faces south-east. I drove down to Cape May which is about 2 hours drive for Edison, to one of its beaches (Sunset Beach) to… Read More

I’ve been trying to shoot in low light last two weekends. I was at Cape May, which is the southern most point of New Jersey. Its a very old beach town with beaches rated to be top 10-20 beaches in US. Winters are definitely not the right time to be there, but then winters is the only time a beach would be free of people, specially ones these famous. This beach apparently… Read More

I’ve been driving for the last two Saturdays on the back roads and byways of New Jersey and New York. Started from Long pond Ironworks State Park in the town of Hewitt, NJ for which I took 287 N from Edison then took exit 55, to get on to Country Road 511 and then on to West Brook Road all the way to the State Park. I did not enter the state… Read More