I get these questions a lot, so I thought i’ll compile them here. Some of these are generic, and probably you will get to hear them from all the accomplished photographers out there. If you have further questions, please feel free to ask below in the comments section.

These tips however, would be more valuable to the nature/landscape photographers.

1. Weather:  Learn to make bad weather your friend. Good storm clouds adds a lot of drama in the image. Always check for weather conditions, storm, wind etc.

2. Scout: Try to reach early and scout the place for some good composition then setup your camera and wait for the right light. Also use maps.google.com to get a good idea of NSWE directions and look for spots. You can zoom in and see what the terrain has to offer.

3. Always look for a foreground interest and a background interest.. that adds a sense of depth in the image. Leading lines also help a lot.

4. Leading lines don’t always have to be roads or railings, they can be patterns, waves of ocean, clouds in the sky and many more such elements.. keeps your eyes open.

5. Always look behind.. you might have a better shot right behind you.

6. Light during the day is very harsh. You don’t get warm colors, no contrast and images end up being over exposed. Always plan for sunrise or sunset.. you will notice the difference.

7. Always use a tripod even during the day. Try to get your hands on some filters like ND, GND, Polarizer and UV filters.

8. The best landscapes are rarely found at the side of the road or from your roof tops. So be prepared to go for a trek with a map in an effort to seek out the most interesting locations.

9. If you are shooting a river or a stream.. first sit and notice if its a strong current or the flow is smooth, accordingly set your shutter to capture that rage or the silky smooth effect.

10. Keep your image simple.. don’t put in a lot of elements. Be very careful about what your subject is.

11. Read: See what the award winning professionals have to say :–  https://karankauchhur.wordpress.com/phototalks/

12. The “Right Light” will make an ordinary scene look extra-ordinary.

Hope these tips will help you improve your images. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below. If there are some relevant questions, I might add them to the list above.

2 Comments on “Q&A

  1. Hi Karan,
    I am a nature photographer primarily of birds. I started out doing landscapes, but living in NJ, I often found subject matter lacking. I want to thank you for inspiring me with your landscape images of NJ, especially those of the Jersey Shore where I grew up. I also own a D90 and D7000 so I intend to follow your advice and start shooting at the “Golden Hour.” I would be willing to pay you for a shoot together. I think it would money well spent. Otherwise, I will go through the process of trial and error as I’m sure you did. Let me kow if you are interested in doing a shoot together and how much you would charge. Thanks very much! Rob Melone, Hamilton (by Trenton), NJ. P.S. I will add you as a contact in Flickr.

    • Hi,

      Thank you for your kind words. We can probably figure somethign out.
      Currently I’m traveling and am out for a few weeks. Will reconnect once i’m back.

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