Bad Light? No Problem!

Two evenings ago I was at Coyote Hills Regional Park to create landscape images and capture the beauty of this local gem. I knew before hand going there that there was not enough  clouds to create a dramatic enough shot. But I was still hopeful and thought may be I’ll get some soft light over the rolling hills. But much to my dismay, below is what I saw :-\


As you can see, light was dull, it was all beige and brown, no colors on the hill or the sky. Sun was setting behind the hills. Over all it was a dull and a bad day for nature photography. The only option I had at that point was to pack and come back home. But I didn’t.

Here’s the thing, photography is about seeing the details, its about seeing what usually people won’t see, its about your self expression, its about creating something out of nothing. And this is what i saw ..

At Coyote Hills RP

At Coyote Hills RP

At Coyote Hills RP

These three images are long exposure shots, showing the motion and the wind. I waited a bit till the sun was just above the rolling hills giving that last bit of light. I used a telephoto lens, zoomed in, cut out any background  or sky and just kept it simple.


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