I’ve not picked up my camera in about 3 months now, thanks to my stupid injury in September. Actually the injury was pretty serious, but the way I got injured was pretty stupid. I was walking down the stairs and missed a step and twisted my right ankle. Got two torn ligaments and my foot looked like Hulk’s foot.. except that it wasn’t green but Blue/Black. Was decommissioned for 2 months and bedridden for… Read More

Ian Plant is one of the most fascinating and inspiring Nature Photographer I have come across. His photography and articles have been published in various magazines, books and other media. He also holds many photography workshops ( at-least one I intend to attend in the coming months), if you are looking forward to one as well then you can check out his website. Below in a small Q&A with him where he has answered… Read More

Varina Patel is an avid photographer specializing in Nature and Landscape photography. With an eye for the details and love for the nature She and her husband travel together to the most beautiful locations on the planet and capture the most visually stunning photographs. You can follow her on Facebook, her Website and her Flickr stream . There you will find a lot of resources and ebooks to learn from and also you can keep a track of… Read More

It took me most of last evening to come up with a write up for Jay. Quite honestly I am lost for words. The photograph below pretty much is an evidence of how visually engaging and stunning his photography is. Like I said, I am lost for words. Jay’s work has been published in numerous magazines, books and he along with his wife have written several ebooks (available for download on his website)…. Read More