Florida Beach Birds

Most of 2009 and the first half of this year I was working in Sarasota, Florida. Good thing about Florida is that the weather allows you to be at the beach all year long. Although Dec and Jan do get a little cold, but you can still go to the beach and do some bird watching. I had a great time photographing these birds. Although my experience with birds mostly have been that if you go close to them they fly away. But the birds there are very used to having humans around and they don’t really care. Its really amazing and funny to see them behave.. I tried to capture a few shots from Siesta and Lido key beaches and the Sarasota bay. Hope you like’em.

Birds“Tres Amigos”

Two birdies“Playful”

Birdie“What you lookin’ at?”

Siesta KeyPOR-1-2BirdsHere’s a complete list of birds  ..

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