Be Sensible !

I was at Bombay Hook NWR, DE yesterday. I met these two Pro-Photographers there. They were carrying some CD recordings of Fox sounds which they were playing to lure the Foxes out so that they could take their shots. I found this really absurd and insensitive. The NWR office people were telling everyone that there are new Kits and we should be careful. This did not stop these photographers. They should know better that these kits can easily become a prey to other predators specially Hawks which are known to be in this NWR. Lets get a little sensible people. If you are such a person who would do something like this.. no matter how great the shot is, I have no respect for you. I waited 4 hours and stayed out of the way of its evening stroll and took these shots.

Red Fox
Red Fox PounceHere (above) it pounced on “whatever” it was hunting.

BH-0032Red-winged Black Bird.

Bombay Hook is home to a lot of birds too, turtles, raccoons, snakes and in the month of May the Horseshoe Crabs would be coming in to lay eggs. I made a small video (mix of photos and videos) from my trip there. Check below. You can see the birds, red fox in action and the swamp. Rest of the collection is available on Flickr . Also follow me on my Facebook Page.

2 Comments on “Be Sensible !

  1. You know I absolutely agree with your complaint. Nice shots and the more work we do to attain them, the more rewarding they are.

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